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PELICHOS, LDA. | transportes públicos rodoviários de mercadorias

PELICHOS, LDA. initiated its activity in 1979, for the purpose of the road transport of merchandise.

The initial company has undergone a variety of restructuring over the years which have resulted in its strengthening and increasingly adaptability to market demands.
Currently, we offer our customers a great number of services in the area of logistics and transport, and have become a transport company showing strong growth in the market.

We strive to be different

Our primary objective is to support and strengthen the competitiveness of our current and future customers, placing at their disposal our experience and professionalism, always seeking to respond with effectiveness, quality and speed to all their requests.
You can count on us

Para que a sua carga chegue em perfeitas condições, a tempo e horas ao seu destino, pode contar com a PELICHOS, LDA. Os seus colaboradores tudo farão para satisfazer as suas expectativas, oferecendo um serviço de qualidade para toda a Europa.
Our destinations
Mapa da Europa
PELICHOS transports merchandise all over Europe.
Contact us and request a budget free of commitment.


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